Organised Groups and Tours

Minimum number of participants: 10 people
Days for visits: 7 days a week, including weekends

So that we can best accommodate you, we kindly advise travel agencies, group leaders and tour guides to inform us prior to your visit about the date and time of your arrival so we can ensure that your guests will be treated to a sweet welcome and impeccable service.

Our factory is a great place to visit by organized groups. It is the ideal place to visit to truly taste the original cultural experience of Cyprus.

Located on the Limassol-Troodos main raid, our traditionally-styled factory is conveniently located near Limassol while being right in the middle of the countryside. This makes it a perfect stop for a rest on your way to Troodos mountain.

Our village Doros holds a privileged position as part of the breath-taking Kouri Xylourikou valley, which is well known for its abundance of Cypriot fauna and the village is a well-hidden gem amongst almond trees and grapevines. Our factory sits at the top of the valley, offering our guests a panoramic view of the area.

As soon as you enter the premises, you are immediately met with a genuine traditional welcoming, the famous Kopiaste! You are greeted by Mrs Katerina herself to welcome you to the start of your tour. The making of spoon sweets can be watched through the glass panels that surround the production area.

Mrs Katerina will introduce you to the sweet world of spoon sweets and explain all about how they are made, elaborating on the history and specialities, while guests enjoy a free tasking of our products.

You also have the opportunity to visit our shop where you can find all type of spoon sweet and jam imaginable, while all sorts of other authentic traditional Cyprus products are available for purchase (such as carob syrup and its by-products, local wines, Cyprus delights, olive oil, cosmetics made from olive oil, soujoukos, palouzes, handmade pottery and laces, hand-painted gourds, traditional recipe books amongst a wide variety of other souvenirs).

Enjoy a pleasant rest-time offered at our coffee-shop with our hot and cold beverages and of course, our many sweets, that can be enjoyed indoors or outside at the courtyard of the factory under the shady grapevines. The area is surrounded with greenery that resembles the Cypriot countryside such as ground ivy, mulberry, walnut and fig trees, honeysuckle, jasmine flowers, as well as native aromatic herbs. The sound of running water nearby and the enchanting singing of the wild birds make our site the ideal place for some peaceful relaxation, particularly during the summer months.

Spacious parking space is provided for cars and buses and we always keep our facilities and restrooms always clean and fresh.

Spoon sweets are the symbol of Cypriot tradition and hospitality and our aim is to make our guests feel cosy and welcome and we take great care to keep our facilities clean and tidy.

Katerina Sweets is open daily (including weekends) from 09:00 – 17:00.