Ways your hotel can enrich its gastronomic offerings with Katerina’s spoon sweets

By choosing our sweets and other products, your guests will be introduced to a truly genuine and traditional Cypriot experience and an outstanding gastronomical delight in a luxurious way.

There are many ways you can offer our delicacies to your guests, including the following:

The Restaurant(s)

The heart of every hotel, the restaurant is a very special place for your guests. It reflects the attention your hotel gives to detail and helps your guests relax and enjoy their stay at your hotel.

You can offer our natural jams and marmalades at your breakfast buffet.

You can also add our spoon sweets to your menu. Spoon sweets, which are the symbol of the well-known warm Cypriot hospitality, are the perfect way to help your guests experience the distinct cultural traditions that Cyprus has to offer, while feeling at home.

VIP Treatment

It’s the subtle gestures and personal touch that matter the most. Offer your most important guests Katerina’s unique delights, packed in small decorated jars that can include your corporate logo. In this way, your guests can take away with them our traditional delicacies as a souvenir from your hotel.


Meetings, workshops and international congresses require participants to maintain a high level of concentration. By choosing to offer attendees Katerina’s sweets, you offer them a healthy, energy-boosting and delicious alternative to ordinary snacks which will surely be remembered and appreciated.

If you wish to find out more about our products and prices, you can contact us and ask for our wholesale price list.