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Conditions & Particularities

Ideal Storage Conditions

All products should be protected by extreme temperatures (hot and cold). 5° to 25° Celsius is the ideal temperature for your jars of spoon sweets. It is best to avoid direct contact with sunlight, as this degrades the color of the preserved fruit. In general, when unopened the jar is best kept in the cupboard, while when opened the fridge is preferable.


Handle with care objects that carry liquids (spoons, forks, dippers). This is essential. If a single drop of water falls in the jar it's a matter of time before foam appears on the surface of the syrup and the sweets become sour. Therefore, be very careful with the use of spoons. They must be completely dry before used.

Also it is best to use different spoons for different jars of sweets, so you don't mix the colors and flavors. For instance, the rich black syrup of the walnut wouldn't look nice in a jar of golden yellow watermelons.

Serving Suggestion

Offer your guests' spoon sweets in a silver tray, served by the teaspoon in a small china or crystal dish, with coffee and cold water.

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