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Citrus and Rose Petal Sweet

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Rose Petals Sweet

The rose petals sweet is made from the petals of the April rose shrubs, cultivated in Cyprus, mainly in Pitsilia; an area in the mountainous part of the island, which includes many villages of Limassol and Nicosia. It is considered a gentle, noble sweet, due to its shiny rose-colored syrup and its unsubstantial taste.

In May the pink flowers are picked early in the morning, when it's cold and damp so the roses maintain their fresh smell and shape. Then the petals and the pollen grain of the flowers are picked out and in addition with sugar and lime are boiled into a desired consistency.

The rose petals sweet was considered a delicacy in the Greek homes of the 19th century, and housewives used to treat their guests rose petals sweets in special occasions, such as engagements and weddings.

Today rose petals sweet is very popular as wedding and baptisms favors, usually presented in a small glass jar with a silver spoon attached to it.

Rose petals sweet is also known for its pharmaceutical uses, as it is a very effective natural remedy for constipation.

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Citrus Petals Sweet

The citrus petals sweet is made from the tender petals of the Bitter Orange tree, which is cultivated vastly in Cyprus. When in season, the white blossoms of the tree are picked one by one and then in addition with sugar and lime are boiled into a desired consistency. As it is difficult to pick and maintain the citrus blossoms, the sweet is made in small quantities each year and so is considered a rare delicacy.

Due to the light spring-like fragrance of the blossoms, providing a unique fresh taste, the sweet is very popular throughout the Greek Diaspora and is now used in Gourmet Cuisine, as it is combined nicely with yogurt, ice creams and fresh creams.

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